Football Derby


We are currently in the derby season, and as we all know, the most talked about derby in South African League is Soweto Derby, where two teams from Soweto clash to prove who has the best skills, styles, and tactics.  The two teams, Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates, are both from Soweto in Gauteng and they are both from the PSL.

As you, all know, sportish as I am, I just cannot get enough of this game, so I am always excited to watch the Soweto Derby.  There are those who say that the Soweto Derby is no longer exciting and the intensity of the game is played at a sub-standard level, players no longer show hunger and competitiveness to win it for their fans. The lack of excellence is eminent. Well, I do not know about that, all I know is that I will be sitting in front of my television set come 27th October 2018. Who would not be ecstatic to see professional players performing at their best and doing what they can to outshine each-other.  However, I do not think there is a player or coach who would like to lose a game, which is why I believe that the only thing that has changed is the heightened level to the next.  We will see the likes of Pule Hendrick Ekstein, Khama Billiat, Xola Mlambo and Happy Jele if they get a chance to be on the starting line up that is, doing the most on the field, people it does not get better than this, does it?  Anyone looking for more or for some misplaced hunger is just extra.


On the 27th of this October, we will get a chance to see these two teams colliding at the FNB stadium kick off 15:30. The line -up will be insane, tensions will soar, and the boys had better be prepared.