Is it Football or Soccer?

To be honest, this is not at the top of my priority list, so I really don’t care, but it’s interestingly enough to be a constant irritation. The reason why I couldn’t care less about this topic is that I am South African and IsiXhosa is my mother tongue. Most of the time I refer to football or soccer as ‘Ibhola’ and before you get it twisted, I’m not talking about the disease known as Ibola, instead this means soccer or football in my native tongue.

Now as for why I care so much is that I just don’t get it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that difficult  to understand where the terms come from. Yes football is self-explanatory whereas soccer on the other hand is just the result of the American culture that we South Africans happily adopted. Now that pushes my buttons. America has its own reasons, as South Africans, without a valid reason, have chosen to adopt this word the same way we adopt everything else that we really and truly do not need from other nations. Honestly, I’m okay with soccer, it’s part of my nation, my people and me, but I would be lying if I said that there are times when it just eat away at me.