Mandela Day Flag hoisted high on Donkin

Mandela Day is being celebrated nationally today as a part of the centenary commemoration of the former statesman’s birth. South Africans and its organisations are expected to roll up their proverbial sleeves to use their 67 minutes towards community service.

In Nelson Mandela Bay, the NMB Tourism department hoisted a special edition Nelson Mandela Centenary flag this morning, in celebration of Madiba’s Birthday.

NMBT raises Mandela Day flag in commemoration of centenary

“As a destination named after Nelson Mandela, we feel it is our duty to celebrate his centenary well beyond today. We will continue our efforts to spread the true spirit and essence of Madiba through Mandela Fridays,” said Mandlakazi Skefile, NMBT CEO.

Many events are set to be held across the country with ordinary South Africans, the President, politicians, celebrities and sports personalities to volunteer their time to do good

The municipality is hosting 100 learners from Grades 10-12 and giving a representative from each school to pay tribute om honour of the legacy of Nelson Mandela. Each school will receive five frames containing memorable quotes from the late statesman to hang at their respective schools. A luncheon for 100 homeless people living in the cbd and surrounding areas will take place at the City Hall from 10h00 to 12h30.

The significance of the these acts is to offer generous donations in the form of activites to help individual people or, as many companies do, improve the lives of people in smaller organisations for example crèches, children homes, schools and senior citizen spaces. The idea is help each other reach to our goals collectively and to, hopefully, keep the same energy throughout the year.