Styles of football


There are different styles of football and each country has a strategy of playing to beat the opponent.

These styles of football can be different depending on the continent or country, so that is why I find FIFA World Cup games so exciting. The reason for this is that I get to see different styles of football from different countries. The clash of these styles makes it fun to watch and some other teams cannot cope with other styles of football that are played throughout the continents.

There are different styles of football and tricks;

  • Some teams like to play aggressive football and some play as a collective.
  • Some are good dribblers and are more physical.
  • Other teams are more skilful in the field and crafty.

In South Africa we have ‘Ishibobo’ there was even a TV show that was named after this football trick. We also have ‘Tsamaya’ and ‘360 degree turns’ which sound exciting right?

Those that I have mentioned above were just tricks, not football styles. South Africa is known of playing kasi flavour. Kasi flavour has roots of street soccer and we all know that young boys and girls used to play soccer in the street after school as a way of entertaining themselves. Now professional footballers are using those skills in a professional level.

Europeans hate this style of football, I guess it is too much for them and besides they are not South African anyway. They also don’t have that kasi flavour. You know, if only Bafana Bafana could work on this style of playing, then maybe they could qualify for the FIFA World Cup in 2022 in Qatar, who knows?