We’re getting there!!


So, I feel like I have left you people hanging, remember the piece I wrote about the rules of engagement in football? After that article I never bothered myself to find out how far are you guys at, regarding the rules and laws of the beautiful game.

I have been reading football magazines, watching youtube tutorials, watching live soccer and reading football reviews because I wanted to understand the rules of engagement.

What was confusing the most to me was offside and understanding the handball rules.  It is very tricky to determine whether the ball hit the hand of the player or the hand hit the ball. As for goalkeepers, they have the freedom to handle the ball inside their own penalty area, but if they are outside the penalty box, they get penalized as well. See now when you’re watching soccer especially if you’re clueless like me you need to pay extra attention because you might miss something.

But I’m getting there, i hope you are not doing too bad yourself.