What a weekend! From RUGBY to SOCCER then TENNIS

This past Saturday I got the opportunity to go and watch the Southern Kings and Scarlets in action at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium.  Before I can continue, please understand that the truth must be told and in light of that I ask that everyone not to judge me.  Here goes nothing, truth is that I do not follow rugby or tennis, and I have no clue as to what happening on the rugby field nor the tennis court, but I enjoyed the game Saturday and am very happy for Kevin’s win on Sunday.  I still remember the first time I went to see a rugby game, it was when my then boyfriend forced me – actually that sounds so controlling, could it be the reason why we not together anymore? Oh, sorry about that, let’s not get side tracked, let me rather say he persuaded me – to go with him and watch Southern Kings at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, he tried to explained the rules and positions but I was not in that zone – I wonder why – I just wasn’t feeling it.

Although I did not follow rugby much, I always enjoyed the Springboks games and that is due to all the exciting mood, vibe and build-up prior to the game.  I do not see myself missing the Springboks games even though I know nothing about the rules of engagement.

Kings played a good game, they were leading in the first half of the game, but they lost control of the game in the second half and that is when the Scarlets saw an opportunity to attack.  Let us hope that in their next home game they will do better.

Let us not forget about South Africa’s very own talented tennis player Kevin Anderson.  Kevin moved up two places in Monday’s ATP ranking following his victory over Kei Nishikori in Vienna on Sunday and now ranks at 6th place.

Finally, although still rusty, but I am finally starting to get the hang of football.  Well done to Orlando Pirates for sealing their win over Kaizer Chiefs, and kudos to both teams, organizers and supporters for making it another amazing event.

This is too much excitement; all these sporting events happening in a single week had my head spinning out of control.