“Everything in life is a risk”.  It’s these types of outbursts that usually lead to very interesting conversations or debates during social gatherings, which reinforce the notion that everybody has got a good story to tell.  Whether it is “a good story to tell” or not, will remain to be seen. 

They say that fortune favours the brave and I for one – as intoxicated as I am – have got a story to share.  I had hoped to remain stern, and have the courage to publish this blog even after I was able to walk in a straight line again, looks like it all worked out just fine, and it is for that reason I am going to keep things simple and restrict this piece of writing to what relates to my current state of mind, body, – and dare I say it – SOUL.  That felt good.

This writing business is a bit tricky, but if you could just indulge me for a moment of your time.

I’m finding that the older that one gets, the more one appreciates the peace of mind of not having to be in a night club setting to enjoy some of the best times in life.  I think that everyone that is reading this piece understands that I’m not saying that night clubs aren’t fun, but in case you don’t get it, I’m not.  It probably has to do with the environment which I reside in, but I find myself somewhat reluctant to the night scene around public spaces.  The reason for this is that it is accompanied by unfortunate elements, which also happen to be the core elements in our divisive culture as a society.  That which I speak of is classism, insecurities, violence, etc.  Random strangers wanting to bump a cigarette from you, others looking to spike your drink motivated by ill-gotten thoughts is all but something to look forward to.  One can never forget to talk about the music, it is after all one of the most important part of the scene, and know one would dare imagine a world without it, let alone a good night out.  We do though have to address the ignorance of trying to compensate for quality acoustics by turning the knob higher.  This is not acceptable, we can do better, we must do better, because we are better.  So please, to all culprits who have been killing us loudly throughout these couple of years, just get your act together and show some respect to those who support your establishments.

I’ve said enough about that for now, let’s bring back for a moment.  I enjoy festive events as much as the next person, but I am taken away by the simpler things in life.  Once in a while, or as frequent as possible, try to keep it simple.  Small intimate gatherings like a young barbecue at your home or that of a friends are all the magic that is needed, absolute bliss.  We live in challenging economical time and after battling out trying to stay afloat, chasing the night is not becoming, we need to channel our resources and all energies and become one with the night.

This is the point where I started to sober up, and as all drunks know, lack of momentarily new wisdom shall soon follow.  With this post we start of our new era at In4radio, it has been quite challenging throughout the years, but still we forge on, as we must.

by Zuko Ngcizela